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For over 60 years, women from across the the world, have trained and prepared for their unique journeys to compete for the title of Miss Universe. Their journey starts here, at a national preliminary such as ours, where one lucky contestant will have the opportunity to represent her country at the annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant.

The Miss Universe Guyana Organization is one that is determined to affect change and provide the women who are a part of our system with the skill sets they need to be successful leaders of tomorrow. Now under new ownership and guidance by Jyoti Hardat and Arthur Dunn, our global reach is maximized to extend amazing opportunities to the talented young women of our beautiful country, Guyana.

Research has shown that the #1 obstacle women are faced with when reaching their potential in any endeavor is the lack of self-confidence. We are proud to be a part of an organization such as MISS UNIVERSE® which challenges women to get out of their comfort zones, push their envelopes and be fearless.

The Miss Universe Organization’s mission, and now our mission as the Miss Universe Guyana Organization, is to empower every woman to have the confidence to stand in any forum, anywhere and declare, “I am confident, I am secure, I am comfortable in my own skin, I am powerful..And that is what makes me beautiful-inside and out.” A confident woman is a beautiful woman. The Miss Universe Guyana Organization will stand by these words as we vow to empower our Guyanese women to be contributing members of society, leaders and role models, as we tackle issues to make way for our future generations to flourish.